Badging at COD


During the 2017 academic year, Learning Technologies has developed a badging system for Academic Affairs at the College.  Badges are available to all faculty and signify professional development activity that is available for posting on faculty LinkedIn profilesMozilla Open Backpack pages, and the upcoming individual faculty pages on the official COD website.

The first badges were issued retroactively to faculty who have completed the Foundations of Online Teaching course or the assessment at the end of the Blackboard Basics module.  Other badging opportunities will be developed during the upcoming academic year.


Blackboard Badges for Students

You can create badges for completion of certain course objectives or assignments inside your Blackboard course. These badges can be posted to Mozilla Open Backpack pages or other external sites by the students who receive them from you.  Look for the Achievements Tool in your Blackboard course, and watch for upcoming training sessions.