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Session Expectations

  • Click the appropriate Access Session button below 15 minutes prior to the session’s start time*
  • Use Google Chrome  to access the session
  • When prompted, enter your full name and COD ( email address

*For first-time users only.

Prepare for the Session

Configure Your Computer

Open the appropriate guide to accessing & configuring Blackboard Collaborate for your operating system.

Online Tutoring Sessions by Subject

Synchronous online tutoring is now available using the Blackboard Collaborate web-conferencing platform.

Accounting 1110, 2140, 2150

Day Time Join
Fridays 8am – 8:50am Access Session

Anatomy & Physiology 1500, 1551, 1552, 1571, 1572

Day Time Join
Tuesdays 8am – 9am Access Session

Chemistry 0485, 1105, 1211, 1551, 1552

Day Time Join
Mondays 11am – 11:50am;
1pm – 1:50pm;
5pm – 5:50pm
Access Session
Tuesdays 10am – 10:50am;
5pm – 5:50pm;
6pm – 6:50pm
Access Session
Wednesdays 2pm – 12:50pm;
1pm – 1:50pm
5pm – 5:50pm
Access Session