Getting More Out of 8 Tips to Become a Lynda Pro

Both students and instructors at College of DuPage have access to (if you haven’t yet signed up, the Library explains how here). A division of the popular social networking site LinkedIn, the site offers training videos and courses on a wide range of topics, from creating Excel spreadsheets to editing high-quality videos in Adobe[…]

Creating Accessible Content: Videos

Video content can be an excellent way to enrich your course, but visual and auditory disabilities can make it difficult for some students to benefit. Luckily, making videos fully accessible is both fairly straightforward and easy to find assistance with (we can help). First, it’s useful to understand just what makes video content accessible and[…]

six people of varying appearance

Digital You: Tech Tools to Help You Create Amazing Avatars for the Online Classroom

Even if you don’t know the term, if you’ve used a computer in the past couple of decades you’ve seen an avatar. Avatars are digital graphical representations of the user, either as themselves or an alter ego, in both 2-D (like a BitMoji) and 3-D forms (like in Second Life). Today, avatars are used everywhere[…]