Our Mission & Goals

Our Mission

The mission of Learning Technologies is to provide instructional design and LMS technology support to the faculty at College of DuPage. Further, it is to introduce our faculty colleagues to innovative uses of LMS technology and other learning technology tools that will improve student success, academic excellence, and enhance the student experience in their educational pursuits. Additionally Learning Technologies continually researches and develops training opportunities regarding the use of current and emerging LMS technologies for use in higher education in the, online, hybrid, and face-to-face modalities of instruction. Our aim is to support the college’s mission of academic excellence and student success through collaborative and innovative actions.

Our Goals

  • Increase and support the smart use of technology in classes across the College.
  • Make sure students can succeed in online courses as well and as easily as they can in classroom classes.
  • Make sure we have the best technology tools available.
  • Increase the number and variety of hybrid courses.
  • Increase the number of online degrees, certificates and courses.
  • Research and explore new technologies and best practices.