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Online & Hybrid Course Design

Designing a pedagogically sound course is the most challenging aspect of online or hybrid development. Our instructional designers will work with your team to help you choose or create instructional strategies, organize and upload course material, and help you find new tech tools and resources that will enhance the learning experience for your students. Use the following resources to learn about online and hybrid teaching strategies and to begin planning your course.

College of DuPage course design tools

Online Master Course Checklist
A list of design elements and content items you should plan to include in your online course.

Online Course Design Document Template
A document to assist you in the planning stage of your course.

Learn about online course design principles

Introduction to Online Learning Workbook
Learning Technologies, College of DuPage

Pedagogy vs. Andragogy in Course Design
Learning Technologies, College of DuPage

Considerations in Online Course Design

Online Course Design: 13 Strategies

Learn about hybrid course design principles

Introduction to Hybrid Learning Workbook
Learning Technologies, College of DuPage

Introduction & The Resistant Early Adopter
Jason Snart, from “Hybrid Learning: The Perils and Promise of Blending Online and Face-to-Face Instruction in Higher Education,” 2010.

Draft Course Development Process for 2015-2016

[ Download a PDF version of this document ]
Learning Technologies supports a team-based course design process. The development and review of online and hybrid master courses at College of DuPage will take place through a coordinated effort by faculty, associate deans, and instructional design assistance to provide a continuous, inclusive support structure for online learning.  This process addresses the entire course delivery process, including planning, development, and review.

Courses developed through the process outlined in the attached document are either under full development (i.e., completely new) or partial development (i.e., revised versions of previously approved master course files).

This document proposes steps for three stages of online course creation and deployment at College of DuPage: planning, development, and review.

  1. Planning
  2. Development
  3. Review
  4. Additional Considerations

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