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Learning Technologies facilitates workshops and courses throughout the year on a variety of topics. Find out what’s coming up below and start learning with us!


June 8

2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. 


Academic Records Integration Tool Overview

Need a quick refresher on the Academic Records Integration tool for submitting verifications and grades? This session will briefly go over accessing the ARI tool and the different sections.

June 9

10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. 


Facilitated Discussion of How to Run Your Online Classroom So It Doesn’t Run You

The discussion will focus on the following Magna Online Seminar: Online faculty find themselves trapped between doing the intellectual knowledge work of guiding the class on matters of instructional content and managing the never-ending barrage of digital tasks that come with managing online work. There is a tug of war happening and, as a result, faculty are rarely able to bring their whole selves to the table. We have to fight just to teach mindfully in the online modality! This Magna Online Seminar offers the keys to give faculty control over the workflow of the classroom, allowing them to optimize the learning experience, to both iterate and innovate within the online classroom.

Available On demand

Ally Training

Online, Self-Paced

Want to engage your students where they already are? How about empowering students to learn their own way with your content? Blackboard Ally allows students to download alternative formats of your course content.  It aslo provides feedback on how to make your content more accessible for all students, including students with disabilities. This course will help you learn to use Ally, both as a student and as an instructor.  

person looking at laptop with gears
person looking at laptop with gears

Available On demand

Blackboard for New Users

Online, Self-Paced

This 7-module course for new users covers the essentials of Blackboard, including basic navigation, the course menu, availability, communicating with students, and so much more. It is the perfect introduction for the beginner.

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