I got pet peeves. Sooooo many pet peeves. And the ubiquitous use of Zoom and other videoconferencing tools has added a few to the list!

So, I got to thinking, someone should make some rule of Zoom Etiquettes (Zetiquette??). But who? WHO? Duh, ME, of course.

So here they are, The Rules of Zoom, illustrated by my CC librarian and professional cartoonist pal of mine, Kevin Moore.

Applicable to Bb Collaborate.

These are tongue-in-cheek… or are they? *cue suspenseful music*

[For those who follow me on Twitter, I posted them there too without the illustrations.]

Rule 1

Mute your mic unless you need to be speaking. Every sound audible by your mic will put you front and center.

Rule 2

If you have something gross to do, like sneeze or blow your nose, kill both mic and cam.

Rule 3

If you’re the call-and-response kind of person when someone else is talking, mute your mic by default.

Rule 4

Watch what you have in the background. If it’s not appropriate, select a virtual background or kill the cam.

Rule 5

If your cam is on, EVERYONE can see you.

Rule 6

If you’re using your cell phone cam, no one wants to see your giant hand and fingers as you twiddle with your phone apps.

Rule 7

Position your camera so we don’t just see your forehead up or some weird angle.

Rule 8

If you eat or drink, at least kill your mic if not your cam.

Rule 9

If your pets show up, introduce them to the group. Note: not applicable to kids.