So far, in my blog posts, I have showed you two ways to make your presentations interactive: Yuja, and H5P (with the Learning Tech folks’ caveat that we only have a few licenses).

I have also shared some polling apps, my favorite being Socrative.

I’d like to share another, more sophisticated polling app: Mentimeter. Mentimeter allows you to create interactive presentations, with content slides mixed with interactive quizzing and polling elements.

Actually, the Learning Tech folks already blogged about Mentimeter two years ago, in this post.

Initially, Mentimeter was created for live settings but that is not the only option. But you can just as well create your presentation, share your screen in Collaborate or Zoom (I should note that Collaborate has polling options but they are very limited) and use the interactive features. Mentimeter also has a free phone app that people can download. You also get a direct link so people can answer the poll questions in their own browser.

By the same token, presentations + poll questions can be delivered asynchronously. Let me demonstrate this right now. Here’s a poll designed in Mentimeter. Please take it, Shannon and I are really interested in the results.

If this does not work for you, you can use a direct link in your browser or use the app and enter the six-digit code (10 41 94) to enter, or use a QR code:

I will leave the poll open for a couple of days. Again, we really want to know your opinions on those things, so, please take it. We’ll share the results.

I should also note that I’m using the Education Pro version, which is not free. The free version is very limited. There are site licenses available if we were interested in that.