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Preparing to Teach Online: The Steps for Summer and Fall Readiness

If you are teaching an online course at College of DuPage this summer, you will need to ensure that you’re ready for the challenges of online instruction– there are some key differences from in-person instruction. We’ve got instructions on our preparation process below. We’re also asking that instructors prepare for potential disruptions in our usual[…]

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Helpful Resources for Developing Alternate Assignments and Assessments

Many faculty have been asking about different ways to assess student learning as we approach the end of the academic year. You might want some new, fresh ideas because your traditional final won’t work well in Blackboard, or because the term paper you originally assigned seems like a heavy lift for students this semester, or[…]

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Go Ultra: Why We Recommend Using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Connecting with students through synchronous sessions or recorded lectures can be great, but not all solutions are created equally. Some tools may have issues with security (Zoom, ahem) or may have a steeper learning curve for users. If you already have an online conferencing tool you like, great! Keep using it! But if you’re in[…]

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Remote Assessments: A Guide to the Basics of Testing in Blackboard

As the end of the semester looms, many faculty are wondering things like: “How can I assess what my students are learning?” and “How can I create an equivalent to my classroom test in Blackboard? These questions have become even more pertinent with the campus closure extending through the end of the term and through[…]

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Just Added: More Blackboard Training Sessions

In light of the changes to return-to-campus date (see ya this summer), we’re offering some additional remote teaching training sessions. We’re covering some important topics, like testing, grade center and using Collaborate! Don’t see what you need help with? Email us at Additionally, remember to register via Cornerstone if you want to use the[…]

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The Beginner’s Guide to Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Looking to quickly get started with Collaborate Ultra? While it might take some time to become a true pro, these articles from our knowledge base and Blackboard Help can help you learn the basics so you can get up and running quickly. We’ve divided the information up into relevant topics so you can quickly find[…]

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Being Mindful of Student Bandwidth Usage: 5 Quick Collaborate Tips

Internet bandwidth is a hot commodity right now as anyone who can is working and/or learning remotely. As a result, many web conferencing tools, including Blackboard Collaborate, are experiencing issues with lagging and poor connections. Adding to this, many students do not have high-speed Internet connections and even some high-speed providers may be experiencing high[…]