How to Get Started Using Twitter for Professional Development

One of the best ways to learn new teaching techniques, stay abreast of the latest research in your field and to be “in-the-know” about the latest tech is to talk to people in your field or who those who work in higher education more broadly. This kind of professional networking often takes place at conferences[…]

Online Teaching Best Practices for Web Lectures and Presentations

With instruction being online for the summer and online and hybrid for the fall, it’s never been more important to create video content for your students. Of course, for those who don’t usually create videos for their courses, this may not be a straightforward process. You may not like appearing on camera, be unsure of[…]

Crafting Accessible Emails

How to Craft an Accessible Email

Emails are often an overlooked area for accessibility but because they are commonly the primary means (aside from Bb course announcements) of communication with students, it’s critical to make sure that accessibility best practices are also applied to emails. What does that mean? We’ll show you! Most instructors are going to be using Outlook when[…]

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Preparing to Teach Online: The Steps for Summer and Fall Readiness

If you are teaching an online course at College of DuPage this summer, you will need to ensure that you’re ready for the challenges of online instruction– there are some key differences from in-person instruction. We’ve got instructions on our preparation process below. We’re also asking that instructors prepare for potential disruptions in our usual[…]

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Helpful Resources for Developing Alternate Assignments and Assessments

Many faculty have been asking about different ways to assess student learning as we approach the end of the academic year. You might want some new, fresh ideas because your traditional final won’t work well in Blackboard, or because the term paper you originally assigned seems like a heavy lift for students this semester, or[…]

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Go Ultra: Why We Recommend Using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Connecting with students through synchronous sessions or recorded lectures can be great, but not all solutions are created equally. Some tools may have issues with security (Zoom, ahem) or may have a steeper learning curve for users. If you already have an online conferencing tool you like, great! Keep using it! But if you’re in[…]