Meet Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is an integrated web conferencing tool that lives right in the LMS. You can use it for remote meetups, student study sessions, language learning, or even office hours. 

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The Basics

What Is Collaborate Ultra?

Collaborate Ultra is Blackboard’s integrated web conferencing and collaboration tool. It allows you to web conference with students, share your screen, set up break out rooms, and more! You can find Collaborate Ultra in your course tools menu. Every course already has a Collaborate Ultra room set up and ready to go–you just need to determine the settings you want to use. 

Looking to learn more about Collaborate? Visit Blackboard’s Collaborate Ultra page for information and demonstrations on how the product works.

Visit the Blackboard Collaborate Site

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Collaborate Ultra Features

How Can You Use Collaborate Ultra?

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Web Conferencing

Collaborate Ultra is a great tool for web conferencing with students, as it’s secure and already integrated into your courses. 

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Record Sessions

Collaborate Ultra allows you to record your sessions and share the links with students, making it easy to share and store important course content. 

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Breakout Rooms

You can create break out rooms for smaller groups of students to work together in. When the activity is over, bring everyone back to the main room! 

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Student Presentations

If you’re teaching an online course, it’s still possible for your students to present to their classmates, even in groups, using Collaborate Ultra. 

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Office Hours

Collaborate Ultra can be a great tool for holding online office hours! Students can reach you when and where they need you, whether you’re teaching remotely or just offering online alternatives. 

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Share Your Screen

Need to share a PowerPoint or document with students? You can do this easily right within Collaborate Ultra. You can also allow students to share their screens, documents, and applications.



Used to drawing on the board during classes to explain and illustrate concepts for your  students? You can do the same thing in Collaborate Ultra by using the integrated whiteboard tool.  

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Guest Speakers

Inviting guest speakers to your class can be a great way to get students engaged. It’s easy to make it happen in Collaborate Ultra, giving your students a unique experience and understanding of the subject matter.  

The Benefits of Collaborate Ultra

Why Should You Use Collaborate Ultra with Your Students?

There are a couple of reasons Learning Technologies recommends Collaborate Ultra over other web conferencing tools.

Collaborate Ultra is:

  • Designed for students
  • Integrated into Blackboard
  • Secure
  • Supported by LT 
  • Familiar to students

To read more about why Collaborate Ultra is our tool of choice and how you can benefit from using it with your students, check out our blog post.


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Training Opportunities

 Learn How to Use Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Ready to use Collaborate Ultra? We’ve got the training to help you, with videos, articles, workshops, courses, and more to make it easy to get started and on your way to becoming a Collaborate pro.  

Collaborate Ultra Video Training

Earlier this spring, we offered several online webinars about Blackboard Collaborate (in Blackboard Collaborate!). If you were not able to attend, you can still watch a recording of one of the sessions here. It’s a great way to learn the basics and get the hang of using the tool. If you have any questions that the video doesn’t address, just send us an email! We’re happy to help you. 

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Knowledge Base

Our Knowledge Base is full of helpful articles about using Collaborate Ultra.


Courses and Workshops

Upcoming training opportunities on Collaborate Ultra are in our calendar.


Blackboard Help

Visit Blackboard’s site for help with basic Collaborate issues. They’ve got all the answers!

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Blog Posts

Check out our posts about Collaborate Ultra. We’ve got lots of tips and tricks.

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