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Whether you’re an online instructor or just want to learn more about educational technologies, Learning Technologies can help. On this blog you’ll find an assortment of resources that can help you learn more about online teaching and learning and the latest tech tools as well as keeping you in-the-know about the services we offer, projects we’re working on, and ways COD faculty are using technology to connect with students and enhance their courses.

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  • It is lot of information to take in at once. It was helpful and gave me a lot to think about and required that I think about what I will put on blackboard before the start of the semester to prepare for the class. I will place the syllabus on Blackboard and look to add more items for students to read and reflect on. I will experiment with it before the class starts and be better prepared for class. This will also allow my department chair access to it for grades/attendance and other relevant information.

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