If you’ve called, emailed or sent a request to Learning Technologies recently, you probably noticed that you got an automated email response via Zendesk to that interaction, much like you do when you contact the IT helpdesk. And if not, well, this will help you know what to expect if and when you do need to contact us.

Here’s the scoop: Learning Technologies is now using a ticketing system called Zendesk. This helps us track your issues with Blackboard (or any of the other tech we have) to ensure that we provide the best support possible. It allows us to track whether or not your issue has been resolved and for us to share solutions to potentially widespread Blackboard issues between our team members. Additionally, it lets us know where we may have gaps in our knowledge base so we can fill them in and give you the information you actually need.

It’s also advantageous to you in another way. Because we send you an email detailing your problem and the solution, if you encounter the same issue again a few months down the line and can’t remember the steps you used to solve it, you can simply search your email, and boom, there’s the solution.

Zendesk should be a win-win for LT and the faculty and staff we serve, but if you have any concerns about how it works or what it entails, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re hoping it will be a way to better serve you and ensure you get the support you need so you can get back to the really important stuff.