Whether you’re sharing your own content or clips, movies, and shows made by others, videos can be a great way to engage students and make a topic feel more easily understandable and accessible.

But videos come with some drawbacks, too, namely that they require students to be able to hear what’s going on (unless you’re showing silent films, of course). That’s not something that all students will be able to do for a variety of reasons.

To remedy that, every video you share in your courses needs to be captioned. Many video platforms offer some form of auto-captioning these days, but if you need something more robust or just want to make sure that everything in the captions is correct, we are able to help you out.

Learning Technologies has student workers this term who are helping to caption videos, as well as the ability to have the videos professionally captioned when it’s needed. We’re more than happy to help you make your course content more user-friendly!

To request captioning help, please use this Google form.

We hope to hear from you soon!