GoReact can be a great tool for engaging with students, allowing you to give inline, real time feedback on student videos. Sounds pretty cool, right? But how do you get it set up? How do you learn how to use the tools in GoReact? Where can you go for help? 

Here, we cover all the basics when it comes to getting started with this Blackboard integration. 

What Is GoReact? 

GoReact is a cloud-based program that is used for giving feedback and grades on student submitted videos. Instructors and/or students can leave time-coded text, video, or audio comments that students will see in real time as they watch their video submission. You can create rubrics and monitor student performance through reports, too. GoReact allows instructors to more easily give critiques of video-based student work in a way that students can utilize to improve their performance. 

How Can You Use GoReact? 

GoReact is useful in any course where students would need to have a performance-related assessment. For example, GoReact is a popular choice for speech and communication courses, where students deliver a presentation or talk as part of their grade. However, GoReact can also be used in courses focused on language learning (ASL included), teaching, sales, marketing, clinical training, or performing arts. 

How Do You Get Started with GoReact? 

Learning Technologies has created Knowledge Base support articles on every step of getting started with using GoReact. We’ll go through each one here: 

Where Can You Find Support for GoReact? 

Those are the most basic parts of getting set up with GoReact, but if you have any other questions (there are several other features you can use), you can always contact us (learningtech@cod.edu) or check out the GoReact Support page. You can also check out GoReact Academy, which has a full video library to help you and your students learn to use GoReact.

Additional Resources 

Here are some additional resources that can help you get started with GoReact.