The ARI (Academic Records Integration) tool is used throughout the semester anytime you need to submit verifications or grades for your students. That makes it a pretty central part of your course management throughout the year. Knowing how to use it and why things are set up the way they are can make this process a lot easier and reduce stress at some already busy times of the year. 

Here, we’ll discuss some of the main ways you’ll use the ARI tool and offer links to support that will answer your questions and help make everything a little easier. 

Helpful Resources

These resources offer answers to your most common questions about using the ARI tool. Most topics are covered here, but if you still have a question or something isn’t working as it should, let us know! 

Also, please check our Training calendar for updates throughout the term. We host several support sessions for each part of the ARI tool throughout the term. 

Roster Verification 

The first time you’ll need to use the ARI tool in an academic term is to provide your roster verification. You will receive an email for each section when it is time to enter Roster Verification. If you teach multiple classes, the verification email may be sent on different days. Do not enter verification information before this time or else it will be erased.  

Why do you have to do this? In compliance with state and federal regulations, faculty must report whether students have participated in their courses. This supports Title IV compliance and accurate census reporting. It also helps reduce the risk for financial and academic penalties for those students who are not immediately engaged in their classes.

The only accepted entries for Roster Verification are Y and N. Entries should be left blank for dropped students. Select Never Attended or enter the last date of attendance.  

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Quarter and Midterm Grades 

You will receive an email for each section when it is time to enter Quarter and Midterm Grades. If you enter grades before this time, it may not accurately reflect the students progress in the course. 

Students can see their quarter and midterm grades in the Chap App or MyAccess. This allows them to review their overall progress during the semester.   

Additionally, Counselors and Navigators have access to these grades and can reach out to struggling students to offer support and share resources. Faculty are encouraged to collaborate with counselors and navigators for such interventions.

Faculty can either use traditional letter grades or S for Satisfactory and U for Unsatisfactory. Accepted entries are grades A through F or S or U, depending on which system you are using to evaluate students. 

The S designation represents the A/B/C range, the U the D/F range. Selecting the S or U grade for your students does not mean that you can’t give grades on assignments.

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Midterm Verification

Once you reach the midpoint of your course, you’ll need to input Midterm Verifications. You will receive an email for each section when it is time to enter Midterm Verifications. Do not enter your verifications before this point as they will not be saved. 

Why? Section 1501.507 of the Illinois Public Community College Act requires that instructors assess the student’s pursuit toward completion at the midpoint of the class. This certification of progress is used to determine funding from the State of Illinois. It also notifies students that are not attending/participating that they need to take some form of action, notifies them that they have been withdrawn, and ensures that they establish continued eligibility for financial aid. 

In short, this is an important piece of information both for the College and for students. 

Midterm Verification includes an additional accepted entry to Roster Verification. You will still be able to input Y or N but you can also select W. A W will withdraw the student from your course and requires entering the last date of attendance. If you plan to use this option, it is advisable to notify students. 

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Final Grades 

Final Grades are your last time interacting with the ARI tool in the term. You will receive an email for each section when it is time to enter Final Grades. If you teach multiple classes, the email may be sent on different days. A final grade can only be entered once for each student. Any final grade modifications must be made through the Office of Student Records by contacting or (630) 942-2440.

Accepted entries for Final Grades include letter grades A through F, I for Incomplete, or S for Satisfactory. Here are some important things to note: 

  • S grades can only be issued to students with a Satisfactory/Fail contract or to students enrolled in courses that must be graded Satisfactory/Fail.
  • Students being issued an F grade, and those with W grades at midterm must be assigned a Last Date of Attendance.
  • I grades can only be issued to students who meet the minimum requirements and have an Incomplete contract. An expiration date and last date of attendance must also be entered for incomplete grades.

For additional support: 

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