Wondering what’s new in Bb this fall? Here’s a list of all the updates to Blackboard for September 2022! Let us know if you have any questions or notice anything that’s not working as expected! 

For Instructors

Here are the instructor-specific updates to Blackboard for this Fall Term. 

Rubric Copy between Courses

Instructors can now copy rubrics between courses. This saves time as they only need to be created once. 

Question Bank Sorting Controls

Instructors can use sorting controls based on name, number of questions in a bank, or the last edited date to navigate their test bank questions. 

Discussion replies are available on the individual discussion grading page

Instructors can now respond to a student in a discussion while grading the student’s participation. In the past, this was not possible. This provides greater efficiency in the grading process for instructors.

Grade History: Non-Posted Grades included

You can now see any changes to non-posted grades. 

Set points for manually added gradable items

Instructors can now edit the maximum points value for manually added gradable items when using any display type.

Prevent copying an entire course into the same course

Previous updates added a way to copy content within a single course. In this release, users are now prevented from inadvertently full course copying in the same course. Instructors may continue to copy or duplicate content within a course.

Instructors and Students

Some of the changes impact both students and instructor functionality. 

Summary list of annotations for inline grading

File submissions can now be annotated inline when grading via a side panel that summarizes all comments in a list. Selecting a comment will navigate the instructor or student to the location of that comment in the document. This change makes it easier to find all comments and feedback in a student’s submission.

Display Name Choice

All Blackboard users can now choose a preferred name in their settings to appear in their profile that can differ from their legal given name. 

For Students

If your students have questions about Blackboard, here’s what’s new to them. 

Test Timer Notifications

When taking a timed assessment, it is important for students to be aware of the time that remains to complete it. However, a fixed display of the timer can also add stress. To support various student preferences, notifications for timed assessments have been added with the aim of being less invasive and yet keeping the student informed.

Improved Access to Feedback

In the past, there were times when students could not access feedback if an instructor had overridden a grade. Now students have access to feedback regardless of how an instructor grades.

Ally Updates

Blackboard Ally also got an upgrade this fall! Your students will be able to access this amazing new feature right through the Ally icon. 

Microsoft Immersive Reader for Anthology Ally for LMS

Anthology Ally for LMS now includes a new alternative format: Microsoft Immersive Reader. Microsoft Immersive Reader helps students improve their reading, comprehension, and grammar skills. All course participants are empowered by Anthology Ally with Microsoft Immersive Reader.

From the Ally Alternative Format menu, users may select the Immersive Reader option and select download.

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