If you’re looking to do some learning on ed tech this summer, here are some great places to do it!

LT Workshops and Courses 

To see what we’ll be offering this summer, check out our full calendar of training opportunities. We will be offering several trainings on Ultra over the summer so make sure to sign up if that’s something you want to hit the ground running with in the fall!


There are wealth of summer conferences!

Lincoln Legacy Teaching and Learning Community 2024 (formerly Faculty Summer Institute)


May 20-21 in Champaign, IL

Conference presenters are encouraged to share their experiences and teaching methods using active learning, participant discussion and hands-on activities. Networking is a fundamental component of LLTLC, and there are many opportunities for social engagement during receptions, scheduled activities, and concurrent sessions.

This year we are focusing on three themes:

  • Generative AI That Supports Student Learning: How is AI being used to enhance and support student learning? We look forward to sessions about chatbots, debate coaching, prompt engineering, and similar topics.
  • Online Learning’s New Challenges: We are facing new requirements, from Title II Accessibility to RSI (Regular and Substantive Interaction) mandates. What are some of the challenges we face in our online and hybrid learning, and how can we rise to meet them?
  • What’s So Funny About Playful, Reflective, Slow Learning?: In the midst of all the new-fangled technologies and modalities, what are educators doing to cultivate good old-fashioned approaches to learning?

Registration is open for 2024! You can register (as an individual or as a group) using this form: https://cvent.me/bNYQEk.



June 23-26, 2023 in Denver, CO

ISTE’s immersive and collaborative events bring together educators who are reinventing education and using technology to help students drive their own learning. Our virtual and face-to-face events draw the most innovative education changemakers from around the world. ISTELive draws some of the most thought-provoking and exciting speakers from the world of education and beyond. Whether you experience our Featured Voices on the ISTELive Mainstage or as expert instructors in other learning formats, you’ll connect, you’ll learn and your mind will be blown!

Anthology Together (Formerly BbWorld)


July 15-17, 2023 in Orlando, FL

AT24 is where education + technology meet to power exciting new opportunities. At Anthology Together, you’ll come together with peers and experts not only to discover solutions to your most pressing day-to-day challenges, but also new possibilities that will empower you to transform what’s achievable for your learners and institution.

Distance Teaching and Learning Conference


July 22-24, 2023 in Minneapolis, MN

Building on the successes and learnings from the first-ever combined event in Madison in July 2023, in 2024 we will delve deeper into the crucial nexus of digital transformation and online leadership in higher education. The landscape of education is continuously evolving, and the 2024 conference will provide a platform to explore innovative strategies, share best practices, and envision the future.

We hope colleagues from across the online enterprise will join us for this comprehensive, transformative experience. At the heart of our discussions will be the rapid shifts and adaptations witnessed in digital transformation on campuses, encompassing teaching and learning as well as leadership and administration. Whether it’s leveraging cutting-edge tools for teaching or reimagining administrative processes, our discussions will focus on how digital transformation is reshaping the educational experience.

The conference will emphasize the vital role of leadership in navigating these changes. Effective leadership is not just about embracing technology but also about inspiring and guiding our academic communities toward a future that prioritizes inclusivity, innovation, and student success.

ION Courses

The ION Summer term runs from June 3rd until July 28th. Courses being offered are: 

  • Instructional Design for Online Course Development 
  • Overview of Online Instruction 
  • Practicum for Master Online Teaching Certificate 
  • Student Assessment in Online Courses 
  • Faculty Support for Online Leaders
  • Legal Landscape of Digital Accessibility
  • Creating Accessible Videos 
  • Creating Accessible Documents
  • Creating and Sharing Open Educational Resources 
  • AI: The Future of Learning
  • AI: Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Find more information about courses and registration on the ION website

Webinars and More 

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Here are some other opportunities to learn! 

  • Adobe Education Exchange Adobe’s offering can help you do everything from learning how to make infographics in Illustrator to create cultural studies zines, build interactive student portfolios and more! 
  • EdSurge Online Webinars These webinars cover a wide range of topics, mostly focused on using technology to teach and learn. Explore topics like online proctoring, anti-racist pedogogy and more! 
  • Education Week Webinars While some of these webinars may be more K-12 focused, many are general enough to provide interest and insight for those working in higher education as well. 
  • Anthology Webinars Learn more about leveraging Blackboard’s tools and more in this collection of webinars.

Have other learning opportunities you want to highlight? Share with us!