Creating Accessible PDFs

Accessibility Series: Creating Accessible PDFs

PDFs are one of the most common file formats found in courses today. Everything from your syllabus to course reading materials will likely be found in PDF form. That’s why it’s critical to ensure that any PDFs you’re using in your course are as accessible as it’s possible to make them. We’ll explain how you[…]

Using Blackboard Collaborate for Virtual office Hours

Quick Tip: Using Collaborate for Virtual Office Hours

Even if you’re teaching course in a traditional classroom setting, sometimes students simply may not be able to make it to in-person office hours. Having a virtual option for office hours is an easy and attractive alternative, both for students and for you as their instructor. Not only does it make it easier for students[…]

Creating Accessible Documents in Word

Accessibility Series: Creating Accessible Word Docs

While there are lots of desktop publishing solutions out there, Word is by far the most widely used. In terms of accessibility, that’s actually a great thing. Word is loaded with all kinds of features that make it really simple to check for and create documents that are readily usable to all of your students,[…]

Tech to Try: Mentimeter

What Is Mentimeter? Mentimeter is an interactive presentation, workshop and meeting tool, designed to help make sharing information with students or colleagues innovative and memorable. Right now you might be thinking, oh boy, another presentation tool. As if I need ANOTHER one to remember and learn how to use. But Mentimeter can actually help simplify[…]

using infographics for teaching and learning

Getting Started Guide: Using Infographics for Teaching and Learning

Infographics are everywhere these days, from Twitter feeds to cereal boxes. And with good reason: they make it easy to share data and important information in an easily digestible and engaging format. Infographics might look complicated to make but in reality, anyone, even those who aren’t design experts, can make one. The process can actually[…]