Online Teaching Best Practices for Web Lectures and Presentations

With instruction being online for the summer and online and hybrid for the fall, it’s never been more important to create video content for your students. Of course, for those who don’t usually create videos for their courses, this may not be a straightforward process. You may not like appearing on camera, be unsure of[…]

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Helpful Resources for Developing Alternate Assignments and Assessments

Many faculty have been asking about different ways to assess student learning as we approach the end of the academic year. You might want some new, fresh ideas because your traditional final won’t work well in Blackboard, or because the term paper you originally assigned seems like a heavy lift for students this semester, or[…]

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Remote Assessments: A Guide to the Basics of Testing in Blackboard

As the end of the semester looms, many faculty are wondering things like: “How can I assess what my students are learning?” and “How can I create an equivalent to my classroom test in Blackboard? These questions have become even more pertinent with the campus closure extending through the end of the term and through[…]

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Integrating Quizzes within Videos… and a Puppy!

That was some clickbait, wasn’t it? It will be worth it, I promise. Colleagues, here is a problem I have faced for a long time: I use a lot of video materials (hello, PBS Frontline!), but my students do not know how to watch videos. That’s right. They can sit and watch something but not[…]

using infographics for teaching and learning

Getting Started Guide: Using Infographics for Teaching and Learning

Infographics are everywhere these days, from Twitter feeds to cereal boxes. And with good reason: they make it easy to share data and important information in an easily digestible and engaging format. Infographics might look complicated to make but in reality, anyone, even those who aren’t design experts, can make one. The process can actually[…]

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Digital You: Tech Tools to Help You Create Amazing Avatars for the Online Classroom

Even if you don’t know the term, if you’ve used a computer in the past couple of decades you’ve seen an avatar. Avatars are digital graphical representations of the user, either as themselves or an alter ego, in both 2-D (like a BitMoji) and 3-D forms (like in Second Life). Today, avatars are used everywhere[…]

Web Accessibility Part II: Accessibility Law

Accessibility By the Books: Understanding and Following Disability Law

By and large, technology has been an incredible tool for learners with a disability, improving their independence and allowing them to utilize resources that they wouldn’t have had access to in years past. However, it hasn’t been a perfect solution. Many types of tech also come with barriers that can make it difficult for those[…]

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Web Enhancing Your Course: The What, Why and How of Embracing Blackboard

Not every course can or should be an online or hybrid course. However, that doesn’t mean that instructors can’t take advantage of the variety of teaching and learning opportunities afforded by the Web, and by extension, Blackboard. Here, you’ll learn why web-enhancement can be a boon to your students’ learning and your productivity alike, and[…]